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Songs from the heart, Music for the soul

John's Blog

Durango Song Expo


I had a great experience recently and I wanted to share it with y'all,

Spent a weekend at the Durango song expo in Colorado Springs, I know it doesn't seem right but there you have it.

Anyway it was a great weekend full of great music.  There were tons of talented songwriters and performers there.  I even got to see Shawn Mullins play solo acoustic, very cool! (see below)

Also met some very encouraging folks and had some positive input on some of the songs from the new disc.

Right now I'm just totally jacked to get out and do some playing, bring the music to the people so to speak.

See you out there!



Welcome to my blog.

Hey now!

I’ll be posting stuff here periodically.

Warning: entries could range from political rants to thoughts about music to pure gibberish, read at your own peril!

So there’s a lot of talk right now about Obama’s first pick for the court, Sonia Sotomayor.

I don’t know that much about her but she seems ok to me. I certainly think the court could benefit from having a slightly different perspective than that offered by a bunch of old white men (not that there’s anything wrong with them). But, if Obama is serious about bringing a broad and diverse range of backgrounds and opinions to the court….

What about nominating a musician. Think of the possibilities. I could see me sitting down with Antonin, (dude, can I call you Tony?) sparking one up, and contemplating the finer points of marijuana law reform. Or how about me and Clarence (c’mon dude, tell me the truth about Anita), having a little heart to heart about respect for women, or……

Well you get the idea. So even though I’m pretty busy right now, what with the new CD and all, I feel I owe it to my country to offer myself up to serve. I mean if Sonia gets confirmed I think we’re cool but if there is some snag and for some reason she withdraws or is voted down, feel free to contact your friends in the federal government and offer my name for consideration. Here comes the judge…………..

Talk to you soon!


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