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Songs from the heart, Music for the soul

In the News

Boulder County Arts Alliance

"John Bunzli is a solid presence within the local music scene of Colorado's Front Range. This acclaimed songwriter is adept at finding a groove that fills the listener's soul with an easy familiarity.  not just folk, rock or Americana music, the songs of John Bunzli combine the best of all these genres into a voice that tells a story familiar to all"  


 Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

"The record is well put together, featuring strong instrumentation"                                                                                   "Hints of rock, country and folk....  an easy listen"


Jake Schroeder, Host Mountain Homegrown Show 99.5 The Mountain

"Sometimes I'll get a CD in my box, I've never heard before, that I just freakin' love!  I just freak out on it 'cause it's so good This album is one of those, this is a guy named John Bunzli and he put out a CD called The Well."


The Gesture
Eric Hubler

For as long as I've known him, I've known that John Bunzli is a great talent. As a storyteller, songwriter, singer and guitarist, he can transfix a room or cause it to get up and party. His skill is on brilliant display in his new album, The Well. more